The Corvette ZHZ by Hertz

In order to generate interest levels among the masses, car rentals are experimenting with newer strategies. One of the recent inclusions is the Corvette ZHZ by Hertz. According to industry analysts, this new offering from the stables of GM (General Motors) was a long-term dream project for Hertz. Yes, I realize that many among you might be heading to the nearest Hertz rentals to look at this beast. However, before you jump ships and hop into the driver's seat, please take time to understand and assimilate the vehicle - in its entirety.

Corvette ZHZ For starters, the new Corvette ZHZ is a sports car. Readers might be familiar with the Corvette Coupe released earlier by GM. The Corvette ZHZ sports the same powerhouse engine - with a minor modification of the exhaust systems. While Corvette Coupe came with a 6.2L V8 powerhouse that generated 430bhp, the Corvette ZHZ generates 436bhp. The dual-mode exhaust system designed by GM enabled the seamless transition of the horsepower. Apart from the changes incorporated into the exhaust system, the Corvette ZHZ also sports a set of 18-inch wheels on the front and 19-inch wheels on the rear. The enhanced dimensions ensure that the driver has completed control over the stability of the vehicle at all the times.

The paddle-shift six speeds automatic gear change system allows you to concentrate more on burning rubber. One of the other additions that are worth mentioning out here is the "magnetic selective ride control" feature incorporated into the Corvette ZHZ. Not everyone likes to speed along at neck breaking speeds! If you wish to gel with the crowd, please ensure that the "tour mode" is selected. On the other hand, if you wish to display the true capabilities of the vehicle, it is better to stick with the default "sport mode". One can realize the simplistic approach of GM - they included a magnetic control instead of the electronic ride control mechanisms that are commonly included on the present generation vehicles.

A lightweight all-aluminum engine is included with the Corvette ZHZ. The all-aluminum construction enables the engine to be lightweight without imparting any compromise on the performance of the engine. Upon placing yourself in the driver's seat, you will realize that the vehicle has exceptional finishing on the interiors. Driving a sports car through the busy city roads can dampen the fun. Hence, it is recommended to take the vehicle out on the highways for a spin!

Back in 2008, when Hertz originally announced the introduction of Corvette ZHZ, it was available only in certain select locations across the country. During those days, GM had supplied approximately 500 ZHZs to these 24 select locations. Times are changing and now, the waiting time for driving a Corvette ZHZ has been reduced significantly. It used to be a month previously. However, it is now available readily with Hertz. Additionally, Hertz had, supplied the Corvette ZHZ only on airport rentals to begin with. That trend has also changed and hence, the model is available in other supplemental locations.

Corvette ZHZ Rental Corvette ZHZ by Hertz

I must also outline the extremely receptive throttle response of the Corvette ZHZ. The automatic transmission gels beautifully with the 436 horses powering the Corvette. Did I forget to mention that GM has included Goodyear Eagle F1 EMT supercar tires with the Corvette ZHZ? Gaining momentum can be easy - but what about the braking power of the vehicle? Thankfully, GM has included larger brakes that boast of cross-drilled brake rotors. There is something else about which, you must be concerned about - the mileage offered by the vehicle. It is of no use roaming around with a supercar that has to be topped-up at every other intersection.

Surprisingly according to the figures released by GM, the vehicle boasts of 25mpg. One of the other important factors (that augment the drivability) is the aerodynamic design of the Corvette ZHZ. The vehicle is also fitted with Sirius XM Radio system. Now, those of you who have already rented a car from Hertz, which came with this music system, might be aware of the benefits that are in store for you. You might be someone who is interested in commercial-free music, or perhaps you would love to live sporting commentaries. Regardless of your music tastes, the Sirius XM will communicate a multiplied perception; that will help you crunch many miles easily.

For some time, Hertz has been adding newer vehicles to the "Hertz Fun Collection". One can rightly say that the Corvette ZHZ deserves its own sweet spot among the other competing vehicles showcased by the car rental agency.